Eniva Health

Eniva International came to Excel looking for a solution to a tough problem.

When Eniva set out to create a new eCommerce site, they had plans to use a 3rd party subscription service to integrate their repeat delivery service into the system. They originally contacted Excel to assist with an integration between the subscription service and their inventory management software, Acctivate.

Several months into the development and only a couple of months before launch date, Eniva realized the subscription service was not going to work. Our team went to work looking for other options and came up with an ‘out of the box’ solution that met all of Eniva’s needs.

Eniva’s new web store would be hosted in Big Commerce, which offers very limited options for customization. So building a custom solution within their webstore would not be an option. However,-building a complete solution from scratch would not be efficient cost-wise.

Our proposal was to build a custom repeat delivery module on the Magento open source ecommerce framework and use the Big Commerce API (Application Programming Interface) to integrate it tightly with Big Commerce. All customer data, order data, and product pricing would flow through Big Commerce so that their inventory system only had to integrate with one platform. Magento would handle the scheduling and origination of recurring orders, payment processing, automatic retries for failed payments, and inserting only the paid orders into Big Commerce for order handling.

Challenge: Managing customers in 2 systems
Solution: We customized the Magento module to automatically add customers to Magento based on the customer information in Big Commerce. All customer information, including addresses, ‘live’ only in Big Commerce and Magento gets that information through the API using the Big Commerce customerID.

Challenge: Storing sensitive credit card information for automatic processing
Solution: We leveraged the TransArmor service from FirstData so that all customer credit card numbers are saved only on the secure TransArmor servers. Magento saves only a card ‘token’ and the TransArmor services handles the authorization completely outside of Magento or the custom repeat delivery module.

Challenge: Allowing customers to create and manage repeat delivery orders.
Solution: Collaborating with Eniva’s Big Commerce developers, Madwire Media, we developed a way for customers to browse products in Big Commerce and add them to their repeat delivery in Magento through only the Big Commerce portal. Customers only have one login to remember and can also link to the repeat delivery management page from their Big Commerce My Account menu.